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InstaCash! A Comprehensive Guide to Help You Grow Your Business and Make Money Now!

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This 50-page Digital Marketing and Business Starter Package includes the information you need to jumpstart your business.

When you complete the material inside, you will:

  • Feel more confident as you create a solid digital footprint.

  • Close more deals and bring new clients into your fold with ease.

  • Own your power as a business owner with mastery over your operations.

The 50-page Digital Marketing and Business Starter Package includes the following nine (9) documents:

  1. How to Write a Biography Worksheet

  2. Social Media Calendar Guide

  3. Product Brief Document

  4. Online Marketing and Business Checklist

  5. Create Your 30-Day Online Business Worksheet

  6. Discovery Call Questions

  7. Business Mission Worksheet

  8. Business Elevator Pitch Worksheet

  9. Comprehensive Business Checklist

  10. Enjoy!

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